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Breakthrough to British English Pronunciation with me.
On the Skype/Zoom call, we will get clear about three things.

1. Your English language goals and targets you want to create.

2. Any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

We will create a targeted 'Plan of Action' to perfect your British English Pronunciation and the option to correct  your fossilised grammar errors, so that you'll achieve 'a success mindset.' in communicating your message naturally, every time you speak.

You'll be talking to me, not someone on my team. 
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I'll send you a Free Placement Test and ask you to fill a brief application and send a recording of your speech, so that I can find out about you, your vision and any English language challenges you are facing.
You'll then have access to my online calendar to choose a time. 
If you're ready to let go of the struggle and embrace success. I promise it will 
be the best 30 minutes you have ever spent working on yourself and your future.

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